Thursday, July 19, 2012


In the ancient ages, there was no life on the Earth. Firstly, the microorganisms viewed. Then, plants and animals. Finally, the human... In fact, human is an animal bur we can discuss it as a different kind. Because it can speak, found civilizations, feel complex senses, etc.

Nevertheless, the other creatures of the Earth have conquered by humanity for thousands of year. Be careful here, human still can't decide on the Mother Nature. It can decide on only its creatures.

Along these centuries, we've seen thousands of wars, revolutions, etc. Some people died for their religion, some people died for their nationality, some people died for their freedom... All of our ancestors found an ideal that they could died for it. So, the first question is here: Our ancestors who died for tehir ideals, died for nothing? There is no reason to die for a religion, I agree. Because the religions includes only lies of liars and clergies always rob people. Nationality is more acceptable I think. But what's nationality? Why do we consist of different nationalities? Is there an acceptable reason to kill and abandon any other nationality? Of course not... Keeping your culture and rising your nationality is true then? I've thinking about it for a long time. However, I still can't find a good reason. But I'm sure that, if you haven't any philosophical, social, economical, etc.  view, nationalism hasn't any functions to achieve anything.

The last one is freedom. I won't discuss that is freedom a good reason to die for it? Of course it is! But what's freedom? In your opinion, is freedom a victory against any other nation, or being a guy without a religion, nationality? Are there anything that we can name is personal freedom? Is it possible to people learn positive freedom and we live its rules all around the world? Or, is negative freedom only way to be free? Your nation can be free as political, cultural, economical, but if you've your government's press on you, can you say I'm free? You can feel yourself free as personal, but if your nation hasn't a government or an independent country, can you say I'm free?

In my opinion, religion hasn't any value to die for it. But keeping and rising culture is everyone's right. However, we have to be careful about its method. We musn't be a racist accidentally. Also, nationalism hasn't any activity when it's alone. there must be a politic, economic, socail ideal with nationalism. It's very important. Finally, we have to keep our national freedom against the other capitalist nations, and we have to keep our personal freedom against all of the governments.

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