Thursday, July 19, 2012


In the ancient ages, there was no life on the Earth. Firstly, the microorganisms viewed. Then, plants and animals. Finally, the human... In fact, human is an animal bur we can discuss it as a different kind. Because it can speak, found civilizations, feel complex senses, etc.

Nevertheless, the other creatures of the Earth have conquered by humanity for thousands of year. Be careful here, human still can't decide on the Mother Nature. It can decide on only its creatures.

Along these centuries, we've seen thousands of wars, revolutions, etc. Some people died for their religion, some people died for their nationality, some people died for their freedom... All of our ancestors found an ideal that they could died for it. So, the first question is here: Our ancestors who died for tehir ideals, died for nothing? There is no reason to die for a religion, I agree. Because the religions includes only lies of liars and clergies always rob people. Nationality is more acceptable I think. But what's nationality? Why do we consist of different nationalities? Is there an acceptable reason to kill and abandon any other nationality? Of course not... Keeping your culture and rising your nationality is true then? I've thinking about it for a long time. However, I still can't find a good reason. But I'm sure that, if you haven't any philosophical, social, economical, etc.  view, nationalism hasn't any functions to achieve anything.

The last one is freedom. I won't discuss that is freedom a good reason to die for it? Of course it is! But what's freedom? In your opinion, is freedom a victory against any other nation, or being a guy without a religion, nationality? Are there anything that we can name is personal freedom? Is it possible to people learn positive freedom and we live its rules all around the world? Or, is negative freedom only way to be free? Your nation can be free as political, cultural, economical, but if you've your government's press on you, can you say I'm free? You can feel yourself free as personal, but if your nation hasn't a government or an independent country, can you say I'm free?

In my opinion, religion hasn't any value to die for it. But keeping and rising culture is everyone's right. However, we have to be careful about its method. We musn't be a racist accidentally. Also, nationalism hasn't any activity when it's alone. there must be a politic, economic, socail ideal with nationalism. It's very important. Finally, we have to keep our national freedom against the other capitalist nations, and we have to keep our personal freedom against all of the governments.

Friday, July 13, 2012


           Every age, people had some dreams to make them real. For example, in arcaic age, people onliy lived to be alive. They weren't farmers, so hunting was their main resource to live. In later ages, people had different purposes. For instance, people who believed in Chris, lived and struggled to tell people Christianity. Roman kings, commander conquered a lot of cities to accommodate them the Roman sword. Muslim warriors fought for the some purposes, too. Or Cenghis Khan fought against a lot of nations to make happy and wealth the Mongolian.

         In summary, from dark ages to madern age, people always had a big idea to fight and strugglu along their lives. But in last ages, especially in 21. century, people don't interested in ideas. I want to say something before the explanations: I'm not an idealist, I'm not a materialist, too. In my opininon, people can't live in full of ideas or full of material benefits. There must be a balance between those two poles. Eventhough, people who have an ideal can survive until they die because of hungry. Because their spiritual resistance is strong than the others. But people who live for only material benefits aren't strong against difficult times. If they had an economic problem, they lose their request of life. Because they can't find any reason to live.

         Human kind forgot that in 21. century. There are very few people who live for their ideals. Except them, all of the people live for wasting. For example, if a guy has no car, he wants to buy a Peugeot. A guy has a Peugeot, he wants to buy a Ferrari, and they spend their lives for "fake ideals" like that.

         Big brothers tell us: born, go to school, get a job, get married, always want more, save money for retiring, die and repeat after me: I'm free!... Capitalism is deprive us from our ideals. Nobody can live in very good standarts with only his/her ideals, I agree. But, with material greed, we'll never survive and keep our humanity.

Monday, July 9, 2012

How we can protect world from drugs

1.     Call that the drug policies must be based on solid empirical and scientific evidence. Affirm that drug policies must be based on human rights and public health in principles to make a democratic situation on solving the drug usage and trade. Also defend this motto to end the marginalization of people who use certain drugs and those involved in the lower levels of production and distribution, and treat people that are dependent on drugs as patients, not criminals; in function to deal with the drug issues with justice and to involve the drug usage in the set of health problem, not a criminalization.

2.     After the calm and soft atmosphere was occurred by affirming the drug policies as human rights policies, start to evolve war against the drugs. The first act should be breaking the taboo and controlling every product of it to reduce the production of drugs.

3.     After breaking the taboo, decrease the problem from the base which causes damage of drug use and trade. Breaking the problem from the root wouldn’t be so easy. Hitherto, all nations saw the efficacy of being together on this issue by making some wrong structure when they were planning to solve this problem. They couldn’t act as a body so they were all failed. Therefore, if a nation wants to tackle with drug issue he should gather with the other communicative nations. Namely, establish a biannual conference held in different Member States every six months aiming to build grounds for the international cooperation and communication on the issue of drug trade, focusing on establishment of a clear and international agreement on the limitations of drug trade and production, the detailed reports with appointing to biological, chemical, social and environmental harms of the drug.

4.     As offering the conferences and biannual, pursue an open debate or promote policies that effectively reduce harms related to drug use and drug control policies. This may help to make a peaceful atmosphere and to open new windows.

5.     Lastly, after controlling and pacing inside of the country, prevent the connections between country and other countries, which are called border security. To fortify the border security, assign officers that specialized on a special training on types of drug and drug trade, who are to be chosen by the government and in association with United Nations Department. Adopt technological strategies to detect illegal drug trade, such as x-ray detectors, special screenings.

“I've never had a problem with drugs.  I've had problems with the police.” says Keith Richards. In fact, he is legitimate on his point. He points out the wrong actions that held in previous times on drug issues. Keith Richard is a musician who had five ‘─░vor Novello’ prices but he had suspected as a drug addictive. He went through the wringer many times but he didn’t felt back. He proved that he was not an addictive but he implied on a serious and also forgotten topic. The real problem was the policies but not drugs actually. In brief, what shall be said is to act urgently by generating new drug policies and by considering the clauses that passed above.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to Protect Nations from Drugs?

How to Protect Nations from Drugs?
(Calling to the governments)
Drugs are the worldwide problem against the governments which try to fight for decades and form the global war on drugs but nowadays the report of the Global Commission on Drug Policy says that the global war on drugs has failed. There are still vivid discussions about legalizing the drugs or declaring strict laws which consists about the drug issues. However fortunately, there are significant recommendations that they may help to start a comprehensive global war on drugs. 

To be continued...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming                                        
How many years remained for the end of the world? How many years do you think world will stand? Or who will save the people? Each day, scientists discovered lots of things about the life but somehow they can’t find a solution to climate problem and so nowadays people are confronting with serious troubles about the global warming. However, scientists comprehended one thing about this issue. They decided to arrange the main causes of the spherical warming also with taking into consideration of the effects.

One of the most significant causes that scientists arranged is the overpopulation. World is getting smaller and smaller with telecommunication but also it is getting much more crowded by reproduction. After world gets overpopulated and crowded, the car demands increases. Inherently, more exhaust fumes involve into the atmosphere and entail more air populations and some diseases. According to the numerical data of the World Environment Organization, the first factor that leads to warming of the atmosphere is the formation of overpopulation.

Another reason for global warming is industrialization. After mentioning the overpopulation issue on the global warming, touching upon the industrialization problem would be intelligently. In every country, industrial backwardness had contributing to be successful. Therefore, they are steering industry and by this, they are increasing the air population. At the present time in everywhere there are lots of factories and small production centers. With respect to CIA World Fact Book, the industrialization (opening factories or etc.) in rural areas increased by %76 since 1978.
Another distinct reason for global warming is burning so many fossil fuels.  Fossil fuels are fuels that contain CH (hydrocarbon). Some examples for fossil fuels are coal, oil and natural gas. If you burn the fossil fuel, firstly you will gain the H (hydrogen) for using it as an energy and secondly C (carbon). The component of carbon goes out to mix with the air, so it causes a huge and effective pollution.

   Global warming happens because of many reasons. Nevertheless, after getting aware of the global warming, people should know the major responsible is belonging to ‘people’. If humans don’t change their direction, the usage of the fossil fuel will get increase and factories will be more reckless. Once for all, essential to say that most efficient solution for the global warming is self-control of the humans and the awareness of the minds.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


       Most of people like summer. Because you have holidays and you have a lot of time to enjoy, etc. So, most of people don't like winter. Because it's cold and there aren't too much opportunities to enjoy.

        Have you ever thinked about it? For example; you feel more energic yourself in summer. But is it really so? Can you be in a delusion? Yes, you can.You feel more energic in summer but your body is more energic in winter. Because of the law about adaptation to the life standarts, if you don't be energic in cold, you're gonna die. So, you've more opportunities to do more jobs. Also, people have concentration problems in summer. But you accomplish your duties carefully in winter.

        Finally, the sport which you do in winter is better for your health than in summer.

        Making holiday in summer is very important to good performance in winter. But it isn't necessary to hate winter. Winter is an opportunity to turn into a reality your dreams.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hello again. I haven't written any essays for a few months. Because I was really busy and I hadn't any incidents to mention it. Therefore, I lived my last 2-3 months as a servant of money and capitalism. :)

Anyway, we're in summer now. I've a contradiction here. Even though the most of people like summers, it's a nightmare for me. Maybe my city's climate causes it. But I sware, humid will kill me one day. So, I'm trying to work, but I can't. I'm trying to relax, but I can't. I really don't know what I'm gonna do. If anyone is feeling like me please give me an advice.

So, I wanted to say hello again and I'm resuming to writing about stuffs. And I forgot it in the beginning; if I have a lot of grammatical mistakes, I apologize from everybody.As you guess, English isn't my mother tongue and I'm trying to talk to everybody from everywhere as I can. I wish I could write perfectly and tell exactly what I'm thinking bu it isn't possible yet.

See you the next essay...